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  2. There use to be a export file

    Similarly, the Batch Gallery tool is lacking in that it cannot do custom fields unless you hack the core files. You are quite limited when it comes to batching galleries.
  3. There use to be a export file

    There never an export file that I can recall. You have to make a custom script to query the database to pull what you need. An export file was one of the things I tried to get them to add, among a whole host of other things. Easiest method, to me, is to use a database tool and just download the builder_galleries table. If you have custom strings, you'll need to also download the builder_idStrings table and then match them up by gallery ID.
  4. There use to be a export file

    Do you have a file that will export everything in the url title desc
    • bestinbc
    • Robert

    I cant seem to call m y custom identifier ether

    1. Robert


      Best to post all questions on the Arylia forum, not here on my Status Profile. It's better if its posted in the public forum:


    • bestinbc
    • Robert

    How do I call a html banner, I cant seem to get mine to come up


    1. Robert


      It's been so long that I have used that, that I honestly do not remember. I think you just use __HTMLBANNERS__

      Try looking in here for the identifiers.


      Put those in your template. Beyond that, I'm not much help as I always use my own templates, and my own ad server and not the ones that ship with arylia, tgpx, mechbunny, etc.

      If you look at the file, "default.php" in the templates folder, it shows some basic usage.

  5. I purchased a copy of this years ago

    You should be all set now. Thanks for your patience.
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  7. I purchased a copy of this years ago

    Hmm, I checked and the Arylia users login link is not working. I sent you a PM.
  8. I purchased a copy of this years ago

    ok, please tell me where to login
  9. I purchased a copy of this years ago

    Arylia, I don't think, has a downloads link any longer. When I last spoke with Arock, he posted a password inside the Arylia's members area that you can send to me to get the version we modified to work with PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6.x -- we've not tested it with php 5.7.x however. We can only distribute the software to verified owners, as per the agreement we have with Arock.
  10. I purchased a copy of this years ago

    Im just looking for my download link
  11. images sources with //

    Well, it's an invalid URl. Arylia "gets" an image via standard http protocol. This, to Arylia, this is not a valid Link construction since it is missing the http //images.anilos.com/galleries/mona_wales/1_hard-at-work/8.jpg This, however, is how Arylia requires the links. http://images.anilos.com/galleries/mona_wales/1_hard-at-work/8.jpg Some affiliate programs use Javascript and all sorts of crap on their galleries, and I've seen links like this before on "code galleries". But for remote retreival of images, Arylia needs a properly constructed URL, including ther http. Hope that helps.
  12. images sources with //

    Hello, Have you guys found a way to Arylia grab galleries with source code like this <a rel="notrack" href="//images.anilos.com/galleries/mona_wales/1_hard-at-work/8.jpg"><img src="//images.anilos.com/galleries/mona_wales/1_hard-at-work/tn/8.jpg" alt="mona_wales_s1-050.jpg"></a> Arylia doesnt recognize images with //
  13. Can The Unencoded Version Still Be Downloaded?

    Thank you! I will find that feature, and take a look!
  14. Can The Unencoded Version Still Be Downloaded?

    Selena, I have PM'ed you.
  15. I have had a licensed version of this script for years. It does not work anymore on my server, which has php 5.4.45. I have tried going to this link http://www.arylia.com/users/index.php?action=showLogin I get a 500 error there. Like anyone else, I'd rather not purchase again if I don't need to, but would be willing to. However, given the fact that the above link is down, I don't feel super confident that I would actually get to download the unencoded version. Does anyone know if it is more or less still an active thing?
  16. MechBunny TGP Suggested Improvements

    I think the biggest mistake they made was, seemingly not asking webmasters what they would like in a gallery/TGP script
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