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  1. Hello TPub, i have managed to import galleries but there is a problem to import preview thumbnails from arylia, the url is correct, the preview thumbnail on arylia has the same size on tgpx (199x264) and it does not import correctly, i have to manual crop each thumb from gallery, i have selected the "Preview URL" in import tool for the url of arylia preview thumbs, can you help me out please? thank you, Sam
  2. Pagination on Arylia galleries

    Hello Robert, I have installed TGPX and would like some instructions about import Arylia DB to the TGPX, can you help me out please? Thank You, Sam
  3. Hi, i would like to add a pagination on arylia galleries, i have a php file that query all galleries from the sql, but now its more than 650 galleries and i would like to limit 60 galleries per page, can you guys help me out please? thank you, Sam the code im using is: mysql_connect($db_host, $db_user, $db_pass); mysql_select_db($db_db); $galsResult = mysql_query("SELECT galleryUrl, galleryName FROM $gal_table ORDER BY createDate DESC"); while($thisGallery = mysql_fetch_assoc($galsResult)) { ?> <a href="<?= $thisGallery["galleryUrl"] ?>" target=_blank"><img src="<?= substr($thisGallery["galleryUrl], 0, strrpos($thisGallery["galleryUrl"], "/")) ?>/thumbs/preview.jpg"></a> <? } ?>