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  1. Moving Arylia

    Hello I am moving host, so would like to hear if there is an easy way to move Arylia and all my galleries? Can I just copy all related folders to my PC and upload them to new server? Will of course need the mysql database as well, but not sure how to get and move that.
  2. Moving Arylia

    Hi Robert Very sorry about this late reply. Much appreciated your detailed description how to move Arylia and database I will ask my host to help as I do not have root access. Many thanks and have a nice weekend!
  3. Zip creaion izzue

    Hello When I try to create a gallery from zip file I end up with a Error 500 page. Any suggestions? Also the password for 5.3 fix isn't working. Did it change?
  4. Anyone know how to...

    NM.. got it to work
  5. Anyone know how to...

    Would like to know as well please.