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  1. Can't Login

    No news for me?
  2. Can't Login

    Hi. I have dozen Arylias installed on different domains. I can't log in on of them. Log in link is correct, it saved in favorites domain.com/arylia/index.php and used to work with Arylia on this domain many times. Now I can't login All I see is white blank page with to letters aa No password and log in page. What it might be?
  3. Banner Links And Small Thumbs Problems

    Thank you. Don't want to create separate thread - I am using my copy Arylia on multiple domains and have same sponsors. How do I copy sponsor database with links to another domain? I can't find folder with sponsors names. Thank you.
  4. Banner Links And Small Thumbs Problems

    Thank you. 1. Yes it was missing http:// 2. Still can't make it work. I have sponsor gallery link. Gallery has 16 pics with 150x150 thumbs pointed on full size images. Also there are banners, design elements. I feed this link to Arylia - rip from the internet. In Admin->Gallery Builder Settings - Minimum Acquisition Dimensions I set 150x150, right? In Thumbnail options I chose 300x400. Then Arylia creates gallery with 150x150 thumbs and leading to 150x150 pictures. It doesn't want to go for bigger picture. If in Admin->Gallery Builder Settings - Minimum Acquisition Dimensions I set 400x400, then Arylia creates gallery with no pictures, only banner. I use standard _THUMBNAILS_ identifier in template. Where do I make error in setting? Is there any check box I missed which makes Arylia to "click" small thumbnails and look for full size picture? Thank you.
  5. Hi. I just purchased this software and couldn't figure out why my banner links not working propperly. I included sponsor link www.sponsor.com But after gallery with name "test" get generated all my banners linked this way http://www.mysite.com/test/www.sponsor.com It adding http://www.mysite.com/test/ in front on sponsor lin k and of cource I received error message when I click on banner. I actually created teamplate with html banners already placed (banner already uloaded on server) <div align="center"><a href="www.sponsor.com"> <img src="http://www.mysite.com/arylia/banners/banner.jpg"></A> </div> and I do generate galllery with thubms only. And again for some reason my html code I placed as part of teamplat appears as http://www.mysite.com/test/www.sponsor.com when I click on banner. I have a filling I already had such kind of problem before...but I don't remember what did I do. Any ideas? Also any way to make Arylia grab large pictures from sponsor gallery even if thumbs are only 150x150? Thank you.