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  1. Cant create getscorecash galleries

    Hello, First time seeing this in a sponsor... I am getting errors (images cant be downloaded) from any gallery from getscorecash, anyone else got same issue? samples http://gallys.40somethingmag.com/images/DesiFoxxXXX_22009/ http://gallys.60plusmilfs.com/images/KatherineMerlot_29155/
  2. link rel="canonical"

    it works thank you
  3. link rel="canonical"

    Is there someway to add canonical urls into template? or should i do this manually page to page?.. some string recognizes the page or something like that?
  4. Is It Possible To Setup A Cdn?

    Hello, Any of you guys has found a solution for this?
  5. reduces image quality?

    I found it app>multiFunctions.inc line 2724 $bigThumb->setParameter('q', 95);
  6. reduces image quality?

    Doesnt work..... I tryed to put $destfile, 50 to see a really good change, but nothing happens... the files keep the same size/quality as before
  7. reduces image quality?

    Anyone knows someway to reduces image quality? (not resize) ....... Its good to save some bandwidth This possible with the thumbnails, but I havent found a way to do it with the images
  8. Questions about Arylia

    Hello, I have 3 questions, It would be great help if anyone answer me How can I buy a Arylia license? I got this error at 2checkout ERROR CODE:PE102 Also, does it work on php 5.6? Also, Is it possible make responsive templates? Ty