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  1. Thanks Robert. Short term I'll try a fresh download from Arylia and try that, long term I'll get PHP updated and get the new Arylia from you. Scotty
  2. I've just recently moved Arylia from one server to another and I currently have a problem when I try to create a single gallery. I moved Arylia to the new server by downloading all files from old server and uploading to new server. The current error being generated is this: Fatal error: This encoded file is corrupted. Please refer to http://www.zend.com/support/support_faq.php?id=loader_file_corrupt for further help in /usr/home/sdm/domains/sdm.com/public_html/arylia/app/multiFunctions.inc.php on line 0 I've had a look at the FAQ and found that i need to upload the 'app' folder in binary. I've done that but get the error above. Any help appreciated.