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Hi. I have dozen Arylias installed on different domains. I can't log in on of them.

Log in link is correct, it saved in favorites domain.com/arylia/index.php  and used to work with Arylia on this domain many times. Now I can't login


All I see is white blank page with to letters  aa

No password and log in page. What it might be?

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Hey dehash, sorry, I've been away. It sounds like it's possible that something required is not loaded. Although it's really difficult to speculate without knowing the exact error. If it were me, the first place I would check are the (server) error logs when trying to load the page. Often times this will give you an indication of what is failing. Alternatively, you can have your host enable debugging/php error reporting. This may also lead to determing the problem.


Not much of a help, I know, but without knowing the exact error, it's very difficult to guess what it could be. That said, the above is where I would start if it happened to me.

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