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About Links Organizer

Links Organizer is multidomain solution. That means that you install it once on a single site and from there you can manage the link trades across all of your sites, including those on other servers. The linktrades are displayed via PHP includes files.

Here's step by step what You need to do once you just downloaded the script:

Installation is as easy as unpacking the script package on your computer and uploading the files to your server. The only special thing here is that you need to upload in BINARY mode. Once uploaded, launch the installer file by opening the url to lo-install.php in your web browser.

Initial Settings
Immediately following installation of the script, login to the admin panel and click on Setttings->Configure from the top navigation menu. Ensure that the field "PHP Binary Location" has the proper location to your system command line php version and then add your license License Key field. Your license key can be obtained within the Cheapest Web Software owner's lounge.Finally, enter the email address you want to associate with this script for notification purposes.

The script requires 1 cronjob to be setup on your server. By default, the script tries to install the cronjob by itself during the installation procedure. However, in most cases, due to server security setups, this often does not happen. For that reason, you must manually create the necessary cronjob, or have your hosting provider do it for you. Navigate to Settings->Cronjobs from the top navigation menu and at the bottom, the exact cronjob necessary is posted there. This is exactly what you need to add for your cronjob.

General Settings
Navigation to Setttings->Configure from the top navigation menu and browse through all the options in there. Complete each option as necessary. Please note, there are 2 signup forms.

  1. Combined Public Signup Form - This is the general form that lists all of your sites and avilable trades. This form allows webmasters to signup and trade with multiple sites at once.
  2. Single Signup Form - This form is used to to display the trade submit form for just that one site.

Adding Categories
You need to have at least one category. Categories allow you to organize your link trades to keep them better structured. A good example of this would be to have categories for your various site's niches, or to have alphabetical categories. You can have an unlimited number of sites per category.

Adding Sites
This is pretty straightforward. Simply navigate to Sites->Add New from the navigation menu at top and start adding your sites into the database, organzied by category.

Adding Templates
Templates in Links Organizer are used for defining how you want the script display the trades at each of your sites. Templates are very functional and quite easy. Each of your sites can have its own template(s), so you can be assured you can fit in your trades list to any kind of site design.


Adding Trades
Navigate to Trades->Add New from the navigation menu at top and simply follow the instructions on that page and complete all fields.


Using Templates
To embed a template into your site, navigate to Sites->Search and scrol down until you see the site for which you want to add a template. There is a "template" button link with each site. Click on this button link and it will display a page where you can "add a template". Click the drop down to choose one of the default templates, or create your own using the variables displayed. Once you have your template added, you can click the "Linking" button and get details on how to embed the template into your pages.

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