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  2. Bourd

    Responsive height and weight thumbnails

    If you use __THUMBNAILS__ instead of __THUMB.180.240__. You can set the Maximum width and Maximum height in the gallery defaults. It will create horizontal or vertical thymbs depending of the image.
  3. jjjefersonnn

    Responsive height and weight thumbnails

    Sorry... weight = width
  4. jjjefersonnn

    Responsive height and weight thumbnails

    idk if ppl still uses this script, but is there someway to create thumbnails with responsive height and weight values? for sample, instead adding height and weight (__THUMB.180.240__) script will automatically adjusting the horizontal and vertical of the thumbnails given a max size here is an example: https://www.babepedia.com/gallery/NessiQ/383379 in the example above, thumbnails are in horizontal or vertical depending of the image
  5. jjjefersonnn

    PHP 8+

    I think it's time again, boys Around 2019 we upgraded Arylia to php7, maybe the guy who did the job can help us again this time upgrating to php8? It's 2023 but I'm still using it
  6. Pornostar

    upload via zip

    crazy, when i want to create galleries via zip only 9 of 15 images are taken over and displayed twice. what is the problem?
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