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  2. Bourd

    Arylia PHP 7.X Development and Demo

    Fixed, thanks Robert!
  3. Robert

    Arylia PHP 7.X Development and Demo

    @BourdThat's a server issue, not a software issue. Your server setup, security policy, dictates the group ownership for script created files and folders. You'll need to check with your host on that. ETA: MANY server setups will auto set ownership of script generated files and folders to "nobody" or "root" or www-data or similar -- which is "owned" by the server and not the user. They can still be read normally, but cannot be deleted or edited via FTP/ssh unless you have root privileges. It's security related.
  4. Bourd

    Arylia PHP 7.X Development and Demo

    I'm trying to get this new version to work but I have an issue where it creates directories with the wrong permissions (fle 0755 and owner 99 99). It seems to be running under nobody user (99) and creating files and folders with the same ownership. Anybody had the same issue?
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