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Guidelines For Using This Forum


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About this Forum

Please be aware that this is not an official support forum and the content within is purely intended for archival purposes to assist webmasters in helping one another.

Intended to Assist Licensed Arylia Owners

It is expected that all participants are licensed owners of the Arylia Software. Although it is no longer sold with official support, Arylia remains a very highly useful piece of software and can still be purchased on the Arylia site itself for a mere $49. This includes the ability to install on as many domains as you like. If interested, visit www.arylia.com for full information.

Arylia requires an active license to function fully

Guidelines For Posting

If you have any questions pertaining to your use of the software, please feel free to post. When doing so, please ensure your titles are descriptive. Don't just post "Help Me" or something similar. Make your title descriptive and meaningful, such as, "My Template Is Not Accepting My Custom Identifiers". This will tell other readers your specific issue without having to open your thread if they cannot help.

As this is not an official support forum, answers to your questions are not guaranteed, nor are any answers warranted against problems. Your use of any information contained within, including advice or answers to your questions, are at your own risk.

If you see a post that you can assist with, please feel free to do so. This is a peer-to-peer community so we help one another as needed, and where possible.

Keep things civil and polite. Trolling, flaming, etc will get your account removed. We're adults here and expect everyone to act like one.

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