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Tips And Best Practices

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Best Practices for Using Links Organizer
Below are sefveral useful tips for getting the most out of Links Organizer. There are literally dozens of ways to use this scripts, but the items listed below are worth noting.


Link Checking - Avoid the urge to check links more than once per week. Checking your links every day can be a pretty good consumer of your server resources and is effectively not needed.

Minimum Pagerank - Some people may wish to only allow link exchanges with sites of similar rank or higher. However, it is a recommended practice to concern yourself more with relevance than PR. Using the "Dynamic PR" setting will automatically set your site to require the trading site's PR to be at least the same as yours.

ABC and ABCD Trades - If you opt to use this function, then it is necessary to enable the Allow Duplicates setting in the Settings->Configure screen. Otherwise, many poptential trades will be automatically rejected.

Human Verification - if you do not want search engines to spider your links signup forms, you can enable the Human Verification option in the Settings->Configure screen.

Link Checker Actions - Although the script provides a means of auto disabling a trade when a reciprocal is not found, the link checker is not always 100% accurate. It's just the nature of the web with timeouts and multiple hops bewtween servers where a bad router may be encountered. For this reason, it is recommended to use either Do Nothing (Just Save Report) or Just Email Trader. This will give you the opportunity to manually review any potential bad trades and delete them if you choose to do so.

Spam Prevention - Set the option to enable Image Authorization Captcha across all your public signup forms.

Bad Trades Prevention - Set the option for Require Approval to the New Trades option.

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