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Problems Installing Arylia


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Install as described in the instructions, all changes that require the file "config.inc.php"
When you click on a URL in the browser to install this error appears: getMessageArray(); } catch (AppException $e) { $_APPDATA["error"] = $e->getMessage(); } if(isset($_SESSION["error"])) { $_APPDATA["error"][] = $_SESSION["error"]; unset($_SESSION["error"]); } if(isset($_APPDATA["layout"])) { include($_APPDATA["layout"].".php"); } else include("layout.php"); ?>
Please help to solve my problem!
mysql 5.5
php 5.3.29
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Nic, the version that they offer for download is still for php 5.2.x.


Whewn you login to your arylia account, there should be a special password listed. PM that to me and I will send you a link to the php5.3.x version.

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I've encountered with same problem.

​The reason was in open php tags in Arylia script.

​Usually all php scripts are opened with <?php ... ?> tag

​But I've got <? ...?> tag.

​So server didn't recognize php script and showed it as html.

​To fix that problem just edit php.ini and change short_open_tag value.

​It should be "On"

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Thanks Gipsta. Also, for those who do not have access to their server's php.ini file or if their host refuses to enable short open tags, you can usually do it with htaccess. Place the following in an .htaccess file in the root of your arylia folder:

php_value short_open_tag 1

That should enable it on your local "server" directory instead of server wide.

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