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Moving Arylia


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I am moving host, so would like to hear if there is an easy way to move Arylia and all my galleries?

Can I just copy all related folders to my PC and upload them to new server?

Will of course need the mysql database as well, but not sure how to get and move that.

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morf: when moving hosts, you will need two things, the database dump and a tar file of the arylia folders.

It's actually pretty easy if you have root access:

  1. Login via ssh as a root user and dump your database:
    mysqldump --user=root --password='whatever' --host=localhost databasename > databasename.sql

    Password is whatever your root mySQL password is, and databasename.sql can be anything. It's just the full sql dump of your database.

  2. Next, tar your arylia folder keeping all permissions intact. Do this from ROOT user:
    tar -cpf arylia.tar /path/to/arylia/folder
  3. Download the tar file and the sql file you created.
  4. sFTP to the new host and upload both files. Be sure to place the arylia.tar in the root of the domain's htdocs/www folder where it was previously.
  5. Create a database with the same name as the original.
  6. Switch to ROOT user and import the database as follows:
    mysql --user=root --password='whatever' --host=localhost databasename < databasename.sql
  7. While still in ROOT, navigate to the folder you uploaded the tar file and extract it like this:
    tar -xpf arylia.tar
  8. Once done and your DNS is updated, login to the arylia admin and verify the paths to things like imagemagick and CLI to ensure they are correct.

That's all there is to it.

If you don't have root access, you could simply ask you old host to dump your database and tar the files up as noted above. And then send them to your new host and ask them to create the new database, untar from root and import the database. It's really not a lengthy process at all.

The reason you should do it from ROOT for the tarring is because Arylia creates files, like the galleries as being "owned" by the server (user nobody, user apache, etc). You won't have access to edit them or do anything with them since the file ownership is not user specific.

One thing to make absolutely sure of before you move is that the new host meets the minimum requirements. You can find that info here:

FWIW, the version we have for download is being used by us on php 5.6 with zero issues at all.

Good luck.

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Hi Robert

Very sorry about this late reply. Much appreciated your detailed description how to move Arylia and database :)

I will ask my host to help as I do not have root access.


Many thanks and have a nice weekend!


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