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Questions about Arylia


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Hello, I have 3 questions, It would be great help if anyone answer me

How can I buy a Arylia license?

I got this error at 2checkout



Also, does it work on php 5.6?

Also, Is it possible make responsive templates?



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Hello Ty:

  1. PM me more details on the attempted transaction. I will pass it along to the guy running the Arylia site for you.
  2. The version we modified and provide for registered users, does work on PHP 5.6 -- we use it ourselves on a php 5.6 environment, so we know it works.
  3. Arylia is NOT a CMS. You basically design your own template, and then place image size values in the templates where you want the thumbs to appear, and Arylia will crop according to those template values. Thus, you can create any type of template you want. Arylia simply places the thumbs inside the template you design.

Here's an example gallery we just created using Arylia in a php 5.6 environment -- it is responsive. The "design" was done with Wordpress and we simply extracted what we needed to make a standalone gallery template. Arylia makes this sort of things incredibly easy. Of course, you can use any design you like, or that you have a graphic designer make.

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