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Important Information - Please Read

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In addition to our own offers, this section also contains offers from various sites and individuals not connected to the LemmeCheck Adult Network. As such, we cannot vouch for the validity of any offers contained herein. However, it is important to remember the following key points when doing business online:

  1. Always perform due diligence before sending anyone money. Legitimate sellers will be forthcoming and provide verification of the site's they represent.
  2. Do a search on Google for a sitename, a username, etc. to see if any red flags appear.
  3. You are responsible for your own actions and purchases.
  4. If you do offer goods or services for sale, we expect you to be professional in your dealings and deliver on what was paid for.
  5. We will remove anyone from this board permanently for unscrupulous activity.

Please note, we disclaim all liability from transactions occurring within this section of the site. Use at your own risk.

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