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Zip creaion izzue

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When I try to create a gallery from zip file I end up with a Error 500 page.

Any suggestions?


Also the password for 5.3 fix isn't working. Did it change?

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Hey Morf:

To the first question, I know it seems obvious, but an Error 500 is a server error that usually means something isn't configured properly to run with the script. Check to make sure the location of the zip utility in your admin General Settings matches that on your server, and that the tmp folder in your Arylia directory is set correctly, along with 777 write permissions.

To the second question, no, the password did not change. You mean to download the php 5.3.x fix? Shoot me a PM and we can get it cleared up for you.


PS: sorry the reply is late. I had notifications turned off for some reason and never knew there was a post waiting for an answer.

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