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Cant create getscorecash galleries

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I don't think this is specific to Arylia. Rather, it could possibly be that Score is not utilizing anti-leech/anti-hotlinking in their htaccess (this script does not use a "browser" retrieve the images, so there is no header information sent. If there is a restriction in place to require the referring URL to the image being spidered, it would not show as being for the gallery URL.

Having said that, I think it's more to do with the screenshow script. If you look at this gallery:


If you mouse over the first thumb, it shows the link to the big pic as:


However, if you right click on the thumb and choose to open link in new window, the ACTUAL url to the larger pic is:


Note, the URL's are completely different. My best guess is that the screenshow is masking the actual big pic location, which means arylia is looking for an image at a URL that doesn't really exist.

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