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images sources with //

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Hello, Have you guys found a way to Arylia grab galleries with source code like this

<a rel="notrack" href="//images.anilos.com/galleries/mona_wales/1_hard-at-work/8.jpg"><img src="//images.anilos.com/galleries/mona_wales/1_hard-at-work/tn/8.jpg" alt="mona_wales_s1-050.jpg"></a>

Arylia doesnt recognize images with //

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Well, it's an invalid URl. Arylia "gets" an image via standard http protocol.

This, to Arylia, this is not a valid Link construction since it is missing the http


This, however, is how Arylia requires the links.


Some affiliate programs use Javascript and all sorts of crap on their galleries, and I've seen links like this before on "code galleries". But for remote retreival of images, Arylia needs a properly constructed URL, including ther http.

Hope that helps.

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