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Pagination on Arylia galleries

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Hi, i would like to add a pagination on arylia galleries, i have a php file that query all galleries from the sql, but now its more than 650 galleries and i would like to limit 60 galleries per page, can you guys help me out please?


thank you,



the code im using is:



mysql_connect($db_host, $db_user, $db_pass);
$galsResult = mysql_query("SELECT galleryUrl, galleryName FROM $gal_table ORDER BY createDate DESC");
while($thisGallery = mysql_fetch_assoc($galsResult)) {
    ?>    <a href="<?= $thisGallery["galleryUrl"] ?>" target=_blank"><img src="<?= substr($thisGallery["galleryUrl], 0, strrpos($thisGallery["galleryUrl"], "/")) ?>/thumbs/preview.jpg"></a>


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Sam, the action you are describing is something probably better left to a programmer as you are describing functions inherent with a CMS, functions that Arylia was not designed to accommodate, at least out of the box anyway.


Arylia's function is to simply make galleries, not the entire site. Thus, there will certainly be limits as to doing much anything with it.


Having said that, what we have done is used a combination of TGPX (from JMBSoft) with Arylia. Arylia's database can be easily exported through any reasonably functional mySQL tool. Take this dumped data of galleries and import the galleries into TGPX. Then you can have image preview of the galleries, it will be searchable, and can be sorted by model name, or description (if any) associated with the gallery.


Short of hiring a programmer, using TGPX or similar script would probably be cheaper in the long run and could likely do everything you need.


Hope that helps.

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Hello Robert, I have installed TGPX and would like some instructions about import Arylia DB to the TGPX, can you help me out please?

Thank You,


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