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Fix required for php 5.4?

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Hey Fris, nice to see you here.


I am unaware if 5.4 / 5.5 is required as I have  not personally experimented with anything other than 5.3, which is the one I have available. I am hopeful that there is enough of us interested users amongst us all here, that together we can address any needs as they arise.


If you do find any issues, then certainly it would be welcome to post your findings here so one, or more, people can get involved to look and see if the issues can be addressed.


On a side note, and this is just a personal thing. I think you ought to consider putting those mad Wordpress skills to use and make an Arylia embedded plugin to WP to create gallery posts on the fly, using the imagemagick settings inherited from the installed Arylia. Not as a replacement for UUGallery, which works well, but for those who just prefer using Arylia for all things gallery related. How's that for a challenge? :)

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Hello Guys!


Just here to report Arylia 3.1.2 WORKS flawlessly under php 5.4

We haven't even updated and patched the script, and it does the job.

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