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Cherry Pimps - The Best Program You Are Not Working With




Who Are Cherry Pimps?

cherry-screencap.jpg.751dd4d2df81b6511fcCherry Pimps, part of the Traffic Pimps Affiliate Program,  is quietly becoming one of the most well-rounded affiliate programs in the adult space, providing adult webmasters with both an abundance of tools, consistently updated websites to promote, and a team of highly qualified personnel to help you achieve maximum conversions. Just as importantly, they never miss a payment which is becoming almost a rarity in the adult affiliate business over the last few years.

Suffice it to say, if you are already promoting Cherry Pimps, then you understand this viewpoint very well. If you are not already promoting Cherry Pimps and, indeed, the entire set of sites form Traffic Pimps, then you are leaving money on the table.

The Traffic Pimps Approach

Traffic Pimps is headed by a team of smart people, and an extremely smart man at the head of the table. Over the past few years, they have assembled of team of experienced industry professionals who have excelled in their respective fields, from designers to marketing and affiliate manager specialists, and they are all there to help make you -- and them -- a maximum return on investment.

Beyond the standard tools for adult affiliate webmasters, Traffic Pimps' business model includes a direct relationship with their Webcam Platform, Wild on Cam. Models who are hired, or contracted to appear for shoots, are often also hired to do live cam shows. And these shows happen daily. When a person you refer to CherryPimps joins, they not only get access to the huge library of content, they also gain access to the live shows, including the live show recorded archives.

Affiliate marketers can use their custom webcam tool to create a live countdown image, that literally counts down the hours and minutes to the next live show. This is an extreemly effective tool for affiliates to place on their sites.

Niche and Variety Sites

In addition to the above, Traffic Pimps also features several highly focused, purposely targeted, niche sites for you to promote. If you have solo model traffic, then they have an abundance of solo model specific lander pages as well.

Stop Leaving Money on the Table

After nearly 20 years in this business, Traffic Pimps has emerged as a program that has caught my eye, and has become the site we actually want to promote regularly. The attention to detail is impressive, as is their constant striving to improve on their already high standard. Speak to someone at Traffic Pimps today. They welcome affiliate inquiries as well business inquiries for ongoing relationships. Thanks us later.

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