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    Arylia for PHP 5.3.x


    The version of Arylia that is available for download on the official Arylia site has a significant bug that with respect manual cropping of thumbnails. We have a clean, working version of this script for 5.3.x for those that need it.

    You must have a valid Arylia license for us to send you the fixed files.

    If you have an Arylia license:

    • Login to the Arylia Member's area here: http://www.arylia.com/users/
    • In the Licenses tab, you will see a password for the php5.3.x fix
    • Once you obtain the password, you can download the 5.3.x version here. Alternatively, send me a Private Message (hover over my name and there's a button to Send A Message) and tell me that password, and your URL. Do not post the password in here or publicly.
    • I'll send a link to the 5.3.xx version to you directly.

    This version will correct the manual thumb cropping issue. The actual edits were made by the original Arylia programmer, but he is no longer supporting Arylia's development any further.

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